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(TheEconomist) ONE of the extraordinary things about the modern world is that so much of it takes food for granted. For most of recorded history, the struggle to eat has been the main focus of human activity, and all but a handful of people were either farmers or farm workers. Starvation was an ever-present threat. Even the best years rarely yielded much of a surplus to carry over as an insurance against leaner times. In the worst, none but the powerful could be sure of a full stomach. .. read this article at TheEconomist.com

(Spiegel Online) Sie bauen unsere Handys, nähen unsere Kleidung, ziehen in den Krieg und verkaufen ihre Körper: Weltweit müssen 168 Millionen Kinder arbeiten. Dafür bezahlen sie mit ihrer Gesundheit. Und ihrer Kindheit. ... weiterlesen bei Spiegel Online

The Global Peace Index Records a Historically Less Peaceful and More Unequal World

The 2016 Global Peace Index (GPI) shows the world became less peaceful in the last year, reinforcing the underlying trend of declining peace over the last decade. Results also show a growing global inequality in peace, with the most peaceful countries continuing to improve while the least peaceful are falling into greater violence and conflict. ... read more at visionofhumanity.org

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(Washington Post) Implicit in much, if not all, modern environmental sentiment is the idea that the natural world has been despoiled by humans — and if we could just leave it alone, things would get better. But new research suggests that in reality, humans have been altering the natural world for millennia, long before the 15th century dawn of the Age of Discovery, when European societies mastered long-distance ocean navigation and began to spread their cultures, animals and diseases to new continents. ... read more at Washington Post

(Sonnenseite.com) Mit der EEG-Novelle ist die SPD gerade dabei, den Fehler der Hartz-Gesetzgebung zu wiederholen und breite Wählergruppen auf Dauer zu verprellen, die ihr an sich sehr wohl gesonnen sind. ... weiterlesen auf Sonnenseite.com

(WeForum.org) From a population of a little over 170m in 1 C.E., the world’s population is forecast to exceed 9.5 billion by 2050. An interactive map created by Population Connection charts this growth, highlighting recent rapid population increases, as well as concentrations of people around the world. ... read more at weforum.org


(Fortune 500) The world’s most vilified company—now a takeover target—has a plan to feed us all. Will it work? ... read more at Fortune500

(GlobalCitizen.org) In den vergangenen Jahrzehnten hat John Church einige unverzichtbare Beiträge zur Klimaforschung und Aufklärung über den weltweiten Klimawandel geliefert. Sein Spezialgebiet ist die Erforschung des Meeresspiegelanstieges und wie dies Länder und das Ökosystem der Meere beeinflussen wird. ... weiterlesen bei GlobalCitizen.org

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