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The Restart Project is a London-based social enterprise which encourages and empowers people to use their electronics longer, by sharing repair and maintenance skills.

Electronic waste is one of the fastest growing waste streams in many countries including the UK. While recycling is important, we intervene before disposal –inspiring people to buy for longevity and to divert electronics from waste. Through community and workplace events we create engaging opportunities to extend the lifespan of electronics and electrical equipment. We spread our message through public speaking.


Our community repair events are called “Restart Parties”, and people across the world are replicating them with our advice.

Registered as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) - a new form of charity, the organisation is a “social startup” trading to sustain itself and to expand its impact.

The Restart Project has been recognised as Talk Talk Digital Heroes, and by the Nominet Trust 100, London Sustainable Development Commission, Transition Network, Unltd, Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Programme and featured on BBC, AFP, The Telegraph and other international media.

Core values

  • Community-focused: Everything starts with people and what they can achieve together
  • Empowering: Average women and men can become resilient users of tech
  • Fun: Taking back control of what we own simply feels good and is quite fun
  • Global: Our inspirations are global and our impact can be too
  • Disruptive: We cannot wait for institutions to build a sustainable future – we must start

History and funding

The Restart Project started in 2012 when two international development professionals, troubled by behaviours and attitudes towards electronics in developed countries, started throwing “Restart Parties” in London. With requests from Tunis to North Wales to “scale up”, The Restart Project has shared its formula for success at a community level, empowering other groups to replicate or remix it.

With only small grants, donations and limited sponsorship, The Restart Project continued to organise community events while beginning responding to demand for paid services. In 2014, seed funding allowed the organisation to grow its enterprise arm; its trading income is projected to double from 2014 to 2015. New funds from Esmee Fairbairn will allow for The Restart Project to deepen its outreach and begin to work with educators.

The Restart Project | http://therestartproject.org | Inquiries: Janet Gunter 07798663179

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